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I can't imagine not only not being with her, but ever.. GiGi Maybe it's because it's not just about the sun sign itself. You have to think about it he whole bit h chart. Maybe your birth charts match more than anything. Dick Opposites often attract. I agree completely, I am constantly amazed at what a perfect match my partner and I make.

Lindsay What a beautiful day to share love in this quiet day of love. But Cancer has affects all of us, whether you? Thinking when will I be free from my nightmares but God have his own way of reaching his children, I was once a breast cancer patient for two years and eight months but now, happiness and joy has filled my soul. Nothing is impossible; if I can cure my cancer then you can too. Never lose hope fighting cancer, only the strong continues.

Elina Cancer- Water monkey here. I think it really depends on your date in the month. Tracy This does explain a lot Jodie Arias is a cancer monkey..

Year of the Tiger: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

Alicia This is so me. LunaTiger One of my best friends is this combo, I love everything about him haha He's amazing, but only thing is he doesn't give himself enough credit. I try to build his confidence and give him praise for all the little things because those are big to me! Debbie Once a good friend but things changed. She talked a long time about people who don't need to be talked about. Brought in a pity party where they should be happy for that person instead. Throwing her friend under a bus, so she can feel better about herself.

If I knew, I would have done things much differently.

Horoscope 2019 Aries, forecast for Zodiac sign Aries for 2019 year

Deira In terrible at puzzles and organizing but everything is pretty much on par. Carmen Monkey-Cancer here, I think it depends on the person.

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I'm partly cancerian in deep thoughts but my mentality is probably heavily monkey. I'm prone to contradict myself, I'll say one thing that I feel cancer then my action is to do the other monkey. Patrick In the Chinese horoscope it is said that monkey and goat don't mesh well together. You will make progress in your career because of your positive attitude.

You should maintain your composure during the year Socially you will make new contacts and will be quite popular with your friends.

Monkey Rabbit Zodiac Compatibility Horoscope

Overall, the year will be a successful year for the Rooster zodiac. You should try to save as much as possible during the year. It will help you in the future. While taking decisions, you should consider all aspects of the problem. There is no place for rashness in dealing with your colleagues at the workplace. You should be emotionally stable to save your relationships. The year promises to be a fabulous year for the Dog zodiac.

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Your life will be simple and straightforward. In the absence of any serious problems, it is up to you to make the most of your life. Experience with family and your spouse will be highly delightful.

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A pleasure trip abroad with your partner is likely. Professionally you will reach your zenith, and you can expect promotions and financial rewards. You will have plenty of openings to grow, and it will be up to you to make use of them. The year will be an average year for the Pig zodiac people without any frills. Career will be the high point of your life. Business is another promising aspect. Professionals and business people will have an extremely productive year.

While investing you should go by your gut feeling instead on depending on the expertise of others.

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Astrology Blog. Male monkeys may bounce from one business interest to another, because for all of their cleverness, their attention spans can be rather short. In youth, Monkeys can't really settle down, and may appear aimless to others. In truth, Monkeys are looking for that one project or love that will occupy them fully, because once a Monkey is committed, he works hard for success and doesn't give up.

Monkeys, especially males, can be real heartbreakers. They are attentive and charming in courtship because they really fall head over heels, but they have an unfortunate tendency to fall out of love easily as well, or fall for a new love while they are still enamoured of the old one! With all of this, Monkeys still manage to mostly stay out of trouble because it is hard to resist their boyish charm. Monkeys can be a bit selfish, and you may notice that a Monkey thinks first of him or herself, and then of his or her partner.

A female Monkey may be prone to preening; appearance is an important component of charm. Two Monkeys may find that they do not devote enough attention to the relationship, and are living more like single people than two committed lovers. If you find yourself enraged by your Monkey partner's flirting or manipulation of other men, check yourself to see if you do the same with women-because chances are, you do!

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Both of you must put in an effort to maintain monogamy if you are serious about making the relationship work. Although Monkeys are always scheming about how to get money, they are not the best at managing it. Two Monkeys who try to run a household may find themselves fully supplied with dreams but short on money. It is advisable to seek financial counselling or a good accountant who can help with the household funds. Since Monkeys are great tricksters, it is hard to trick a Monkey.

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You may find it a little more difficult to charm and win the trust of a Monkey woman than other signs, because she is fully aware of what you are up to-after all, she does it herself! Of course, Monkeys do find each other captivating so you are likely to win her in the end. Be careful to avoid losing interest, as you are prone to boredom with someone you can't trick.

Finding new activities to do together could be the key to this union. Monkey Years of Birth: , , , , , , , , , Monkey Years of Birth: , , , , , , , , , Comments: Zodiac signs Compatibility Horoscope.