January 5 2020 tarot

Sagittarius April

Matters of the heart will become more optimistic and buoyant for everyone. In fact, love will feel like an adventure that truly helps you reach new heights. Pay attention to the extraordinary romantic blessings that may come your way near January 22 when Venus and Jupiter embrace. This should be big. A Lunar Eclipse on January 21 in heart-centered Leo will make that Venus-Jupiter blessing even more of a fulfilling moment.

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Cherish the love this month. It's beautiful. I feel very blessed and grateful to have met you, spent time with you, and receive your teachings. All bows, deeply. Thank you. Dear Pamela, I really appreciate and enjoy using the cards throughout the year.

Sometimes, just one word or phrase I read from what I wrote bring entirely new perspectives and insights. Similarly, I experience a lot of other types of information when drawing cards, like images and feelings. And because I am the channel through which the experience is conveyed, the message becomes even more multidimensional. I love it.

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I rely on it! Thank you so much!

Learn the Master Secrets of Tarot Reading! Even if you are an expert already, you will grow tremendously through this class. Beginners welcome too! As we learn the timeless Art of Divination, we journey into the fascinating wilderness of Soul and Cosmos. As the secret mysteries are revealed, one after another, we begin to understand, predict and create our world. We realize we are not at the mercy of our destiny, but co-creating it in every moment. To read Tarot requires a high activation of intuition, universal guidance, and the ageless wisdom teachings.

In each session we delve into knowing The Way.

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Tarot of the Spirit is a thousand-year-old system dedicated to psycho-active discovery. Join us and awaken! Realize what you are made of. Certification for Tarot Masters. Register for any or all classes. It is not too late to join in to get your Tarot Masters Certification. For Certification, you must take the "Reading Classes" below also.

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Please scroll down for more information. Come and learn the background theory of how all the Major Arcana cards fit together. July We will journey through the secrets of the Major Arcana. Prepare for a fabulous day of insight.