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Terrible Matches. Taurus men tend to be very practical in their approach to selecting a mate. Remember, one of the key Taurus traits is simplicity and routine. Taurus men will hookup as a function of sexual need or desire but forming a relationship with one is often a game of strategy. Loyalty is one of the main traits of Taurus. Taurus guys are in things for the long haul — meaning love, romance and relationships! One observation about Taurus men and their personality.

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Specifically, during full moon, they become highly sexual. It is during this narrow window that Taurus men will step outside of their comfort zone and engage in intimate behaviors that are usually not their norm. Females who were born under the zodiac sign of Taurus approach relationships different than their male counterparts. A key female Taurus Trait is the ability to seduce another as part of her competitive streak.

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Patient and gentle, she will wait for long periods of time to pass before making her move. If you are pursuing a Taurus woman, it would be wise to spend time romancing her and courting her a bit. You will also need to love on her and pamper her. Once she bonds with you, expect a very passionate, loyal and committed mate.

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She will get her revenge on you big time and at a time of her choosing! Taurus men and women have passionate streaks. Spontaneity is not Taurus trait or characteristic. After a period of time, your Taurus mate will adapt and then start asking for repeat activities that you made happen in the first place.

During this short period of time, Taurus men are vulnerable to higher sexual energy. It will take time for a Taurus to bond. Do not expect instant results. They move at a much slower speed than other signs when it comes to love and romance. Taurus signs are best attracted by people who are funny but not over the top. If you have an overly gregarious personality, tone it down a bit with this sign. Think calm, relaxed and sensible.

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Taurus signs are typically aroused by being touched around their shoulders and neck. They tend to hold a great deal of tension in these areas. When you touch them, do so gently because the muscles in these upper body parts are highly sensitive for Taurus.

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Above you will find a short video on the zodiac sign, Taurus. The presentation is about the Taurus constellation. If you have ever wondered about the history of Taurus, this is a great piece to watch. Below is a Taurus poll for you to vote in. Because there is a high probability that you are a Taurus, it is assumed the results of the poll will be somewhat biased. Consider partaking in the Taurus poll for the sake of fun! There are a number of Taurus trait myths that need to be addressed. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In most all cases, you will find the bull to be very generous and giving. Sadly, some people confuse his aggressive side for being self-focused. Click on book cover to access Amazon. This Taurus trait and personality resource can be quickly downloaded to your electronic device. The Taurus traits and personality information listed here revealed a great deal about the second House of the Zodiac.

This is a wonderful sign that is generally happy, loving and stable. The guys can go for hours in bed4. The men […]. Copyright Guy Counseling. All Rights Reserved. See Disclaimer. News Ticker. Are you a Taurus man?

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Table of Contents. Share this:. About Dirk Wolf 16 Articles. Dirk is a certified spiritual counselor and shaman. They will be stubborn at first, but with a bit of patience, they come around. They may prefer the more traditional positions, and avoid anything new or too adventurous — they know what they like and tend to stick to that.

Lovemaking with these men can be a comforting routine, nourishing and caring, although if you are one who likes variety, you may be somewhat disappointed. Taurean men take some time to warm up in terms of dating. They are slow, careful and cautious of change, but they are also amongst the best of wooers. These guys will wine and dine you in the dating phase and beyond. Also, because their ruling planet is Venus, the planet of Love, they are quite expert at making you feel cherished and special. They will sweep you off your feet, make you feel safe and secure from the very first date.

There is something reliable about these men, and if they say they will be there at a certain time, they will be there. They will take you to all of their favorite locals, and try to set a regular date at the same place so that you become a part of their routine which they so love.

Taurean men can be artistic and musical as well, and so going to a musical show or gallery will be part of the norm. The Taurus man just loves a fancy night out at the latest and most exclusive restaurant, and he can be a bit of a foodie. You are free to go as gushy as you want with these men — doing the cliched sunset picnic and then a candlelit dinner is perfect for the Taurus male. This man will also love outings to wine farms if you have them, or places where the entire experience is dedicated to tasting, drinking and eating.

Failing that, have a lovely meal at home for him, wear expensive perfume and give him a massage — he loves to be touched. Gift wise, a Taurus man gets very attached to what he already has, even if it is falling apart. If you are going to get him a new wallet, or a new sports t-shirt, just make sure he is okay to part with the old one, or you may get a rude awakening. Taurean men work for only one reason: to have money to buy nice things and to feel secure in the world. That said, they can become very successful as they do love to have buckets of money in the bank, even if they hate spending it.

Taurean men will often stay in the same career forever and ever, even if they complain about it because it is secure and stable. They will change only if the money is bad, or if it becomes in some way unbearable, and that will still take a very long time. They could be creatives, or they could be accountants — it depends on how they are raised and where they can feel more secure. The Taurus man will spoil you but may complain about it bitterly. They truly hate the rising price of everything, and they are the types that will try and save in any way that they can.

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When they do splurge, they go big — they love luxury and comfort. They are the ones at work who are ever reliable and consistent, and they will plug away until the task is done — hence, they usually have a lovely pension set aside for the day they can be lazy every day, and they invest a great deal of time and energy into creating a safe and secure future for themselves. There are many, many excellent Psychics and Advisors out there who really can help you with any Relationship Question.

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