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October 12222

And as for this week, just keep reading Calling all domestic dons and divas. This Wednesday features the annual new moon in Cancer, a starting point for the important pursuits in our personal lives. Whether we're feathering our nests, scanning the real estate listings, or figuring out how to take home on the road, this new moon illuminates the importance of having private time in a peaceful sanctuary.

Cancer is the zodiac's mother sign, so this new moon can call forth our nurturing natures. Harness its power to reconnect with relatives or start a new chapter of family life. As this "momma moon" knows, nourishing ourselves with proper food is a must if we want to stay active and energized. For those in need of a dietary upgrade, this is the week to restock the fridge with fresh, healthy groceries or finally learn the finer points of cooking.

Alas, the week will not be tension-free. There could be some major power struggles afoot. Pluto and Uranus have been locked in a month-long struggle since they began squaring each other on June It's a bit of a David and Goliath matchup. This week, Mars enters the fray, trying to play peacekeeper but adding more conflict to the mix.

How does this translate into our personal lives? We should tread carefully before getting in the middle of any clashes and know the difference between power and force when flexing our authority. This is a week where people can fly off the handle quite easily, and everyone seems to be jockeying for Top Dog position. The best we can do is to try not to add to the power struggle. We could see some surprising changes in leadership on the world stage, too. On Sunday, the Sun exits cozy Cancer and moves on to lovable Leo for a month.

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As the red planet revs up your revenue, a project or plan could heat up fast. Mars hastens the pace—and, full disclosure, this planet can pump up your stress levels. There may be long hours and short deadlines at work before the holidays. Necessity might be the mother of invention, but warrior Mars is its hyper-productive father.


Instead of letting nerves and fear overtake you, consciously channel any anxious energy into hustling. Your desire to share your gifts resurfaces on October 3 as transformational Pluto wakes up from a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your fifth house of creativity, passion and self-expression. While Pluto was back-spinning a cycle that began on April 24 you may have dipped below the radar, hiding your radiance while feeling self-conscious. Perhaps an ex surfaced, or you had to work through some old fears and baggage in your current union. You deserve a break from that confusion, Virgo, and as Pluto corrects course, clarity returns.

Should you cut ties or stick around and work through a difficult dynamic? That answer will soon become clear. One major point to consider: Do your values align?

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On October 7, the Sun in your stabilizing second house locks horns with structural Saturn, which, like Pluto, is in Capricorn and your fifth house of romance and self-expression. And if they do, then it could be a matter of being a little more formal about how you operate within the relationship.

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Your timing and pacing could be off since Mars is like the cosmic accelerator and Saturn is the brake. A lot of hidden details get illuminated on October 14, when the Aries full moon sends its potent beams into your eighth house of intimacy, privacy and secrets. Are you in or are you out? This full moon in your zone of extremes is ready to move you out of the gray area.

The eighth house rules joint ventures, and this one could bring a proposal to the table—both in business and love.

Could you merge your resources and talents for mutual gain? But tread carefully: This full moon will form a dicey square to calculating Pluto in your dramatic fifth house. A drama-queen type could push your buttons and stir up conflict right when you need to stay focused. Careful not to take the bait, especially since these lunar beams can cause potent emotions to erupt like a volcano! Perfectionism can be an issue.

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The essence of Virgo energy is dedicated, resourceful, helpful, hardworking, health-conscious, analytical, clever, witty, and practical. Virgo pickiness and sky-high standards have their uses, but can wreak havoc on relationships with ourselves and others. Virgo, like Gemini , is ruled by the fleet-footed messenger planet Mercury. These signs end every season—and have learned the hard lessons taught by spring, summer, fall and winter.